Recognize Symptoms and How to Overcome Air Allergies

Air allergies are usually characterized by skin reactions after exposure to certain temperatures or low-quality air. Symptoms that arise in the form of redness, itching, swelling, and bumps appear. Small reddish bumps or bumps on the skin can be an allergic reaction to certain ingredients, such as latex and detergents. But sometimes, these lumps can also arise due to exposure to hot, cold, or polluted air. Air allergy is interpreted as an immune reaction that appears after exposure to air with a certain temperature or low quality air. Allergic reactions that appear can be just itchy, but can also be a life-threatening reaction. An allergic reaction to hot air is called cholinergic urticaria, whereas a reaction to cold is known as cold urticaria. The reaction caused by each person can be different. Some only show mild symptoms, some are very sensitive to experience changes in blood pressure to shortness of breath and fainting. This reaction is called anaphylactic shock. Symptoms o
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